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At LOGIATEC, we understand that everything, from operations and accounting to sales, marketing, analytics, IT infrastructure and security, requires distinctive approaches for different business models. We therefore go the extra mile to carefully design applications that fits your structure and puts granular control into your hands.

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Software Applications
Successful companies understand that business information systems can drive growth and profitability. At LOGIATEC, we leverage our team's expertise to capture and document your day-to-day business processes, identify performance gaps and create a clear vision to guide the software selection process. With a solid discovery framework in place, we help organizations to quickly identify the right technologies to meet their timeline, budget requirements and long-term growth needs.
Digital Agency
We combine classic brand strategy and account planning to find a brand’s true capability. Then we turn this capability into content, products, services and campaigns – creating and defining experiences that users love. Finally, we deliver this to your target audience through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.
Social Innovation
As an agent of change, we are fully committed to delivering projects that impact positively on socio-economic growth in Africa - especially the rural areas. Healthcare, Access to Portable Water, Solar Energy for Rural Communities are some of the areas of our focus.

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